Seed Store

I have collected seeds from various types of plants in my own (and sometimes other people's) garden and during holidays. I also often receive them from enthusiasts abroad.

I offer these seeds for sale or exchange. My aim is to promote biodiversity, not making profit. That is why the prices of my seeds are low. What's left will be invested in new plants for my seed garden.


I also enjoy trading, but I have to say that I have already traded more seeds than I can fit on three hectares. And I only have 20 square meters at my disposal! This means that I am mainly looking for seeds of special or remarkable plants.


The seeds I offer are the children of the plants mentioned. I offer as many real species as possible. Their offspring usually resemble their parents. Where I offer varieties (recognizable by a name between "quotes") the outcome is more uncertain. But it's that surprise that makes sowing extra fun, right?


The seeds are usually not older than about three years. However, the more unusual or exotic the species, the less common it is. These species may therefore be somewhat older. This does not mean that they will no longer be able to germinate at all, but it will take longer and less will germinate. I will compensate for that by sending you some more seeds.


In addition to a description of the plant, a number of characteristics are mentioned for each item. Abbreviations and terms are used in the description of the plants. A brief explanation is at the bottom of this page.


The number in brackets after the name of the plant is the approximate number of seeds you get.


For the time being, only people with a Paypal account can order directly through the store.


The shipping costs are EUR 2.50.


Displeased? Of course that can always happen. In that case, always contact me. Then we will figure it out together.


Abbreviations and terms explained


HA - hardy annual 
HHA - halfhardy annual 
TA - tender annual 
HB - hardy biannual 
HHB - halfhardy biannual 
TB - tender biannual 
HP - hardy perennial 
HHP - halfhardy perennial 
TP - tender perennial 
HT - hardy tree 
HHT - halfhardy tree 
TT - tender tree 
HBb - hardy bulb 
HHBb - halfhardy bulb 
TBb - tender bulb
HSh - hardy shrub 
HHSh - halfhardy shrub 
TSh - tender shrub 


  • Annuals germinate, grow, flower and set seed within one year.
  • Biannuals germinate and grow in their first year. They flower and set seed in their second year. If they do not set seed, they may behave like shortlived perennials.
  • Perennials are plants that live for some or many years. Often they do not flower in their first year.
  • Trees and shrubs are perennial as well, but they have woody stems. They take a long time to mature and flower. They are much bigger than herbacious perennials.
  • Bulbous plants are perennials that build up a food reserve in their roots. These reserves often take the form of bulbs or rhizomes. These plants take some time to mature.

  • Hardy plants can handle (severe) frost. They may die down in winter but there are also species that keep their leaves all year.
  • Halfhardy plants stem from somewhat warmer areas. They can survive a mild winter as long as they do not get their feet too wet. However, when it gets really cold, they will not survive.
  • Non-hardy plants stem from the tropics and can only be put outside during summer. They need to spend winter inside, preferably in a greenhouse.