Sorbaria sorbifolia - Lijsterbesspirea (5-10)

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Hoogte: 200 cm.

Bloeit: jun-aug 

Type: HShr

Winterhard in: zones 2-8 (-30C)


Ideale heester om een lege plek te vullen. Bloeit rijk met roomwitte pluimen tussen frisgroen, diep gevederd blad dat in de herfst mooi verkleurt.


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 1-3 mnd, 15-20C

Plant-instructies: zon, halfschaduw.

Waarschuwing: is giftig.


Lovely shrub which will happily grow just about anywhere. Sorbaria forms masses of arching branches covered with lush green, pinnate leaves and fluffy sprays of white flowers in mid to late summer. A versatile shrub which can be easily controlled with pruning right back to the ground if necessary.

Height: 200 cm.

Flowers: jun-aug

Type: HShr

Hardy in: zones 2-8 (-30 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow at any time of the year. Sow in trays or pots on the surface of damp seed compost and place in a propagator or seal inside a polythene bag. Maintain an optimum temperature of 15-20C and germination should take place in 1-3 months

Planting instructions: Grows almost everywhere

Warning: plant is poisonous.