Rudbeckia fulgida - Zonnehoed (20)

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Goudgele bloemen met donkerbruin hart. Bloeit lang door, met regenbestendige grote bloemen. Geeft een mooi wintersilhouet in de border. Aantrekkelijk voor insecten.

Hoogte: 70 cm.

Bloeit: aug-okt

Type: HP

Winterhard in: zones 5-9 (-15 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Zaai mrt-apr. Kiemt in 10-21 dagen bij 20-30 Celsius.

Plant-instructies: Geen bijzondere eisen aan grond of watergeven. Volle zon of halfschaduw.



Multitude of golden yellow flowers with rich brown center, for average or even poor soil. After flowering they give a pretty silhouette in the winter border. Attracts insects.

Height: 70 cm.

Flowers: aug-oct

Type: HP

Hardy in: zones 5-9 (-15 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow Feb-Mar at 20-30 Celsius on the surface of a good free draining, damp seed compost. Apply a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite, but do not cover the seed completely. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a polythene bag until after germination which usually takes 10-21 days. Do not exclude light at any stage, as this helps germination.

Planting instructions: No special requirements with regards to soil or watering. Full sun or partial shade.