Geranium pulchrum (15)

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Hoogte: 60 cm.
Bloeit: aug-okt
Type: HHP
Winterhard in: zones 7-9 (-5 C)

Fraaie soort uit Zuid-Afrika, bloeit in eerste jaar en gedurende een lange periode.

Zaai-instructies: Zaai in herfst, zet buiten. Kiem in voorjaar.
Plant-instructies: Goeddoorlatende grond in volle zon.


A really beautiful geranium from the South African Mountains, amply demonstrated by the gorgeous large silver-grey velvety leaves which are covered in soft, downy hairs which are irresistible to the touch. From late spring to late autumn it produces dense sprays of largish purple-veined mauve flowers, sometimes with a lighter centre. The plant takes less than one year to flower, and has a long flowering period.

Height: 60 cm.
Flowers: aug-oct
Type: HHP
Hardy in: zones 7-9 (-5 C)

Sowing instructions: Sow in pots or trays of moist seed compost and cover with a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. After sowing, seal container inside a polythene bag and keep at 15-20C. Germination can be slow, if there is no emergence within 8 weeks, then place container and bag into a refrigerator (not freezer) tor 3 weeks. Examine container regularly.

Planting instructions: well-drained soil in full sun