Cimicifuga ramosa atropurpurea - Zilverkaars (25)

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Vaste plant die heel laat in bloei komt. De bloeiwijze heeft de vorm van een kaars en is meestal wit van kleur. Het blad is donker roodbruin. Mooi te combineren met planten die een herfstkleur krijgen.


Hoogte:150 cm.



Winterhardin: zones 5-9 (-15 Celsius)


Zaai-instructies:Zaai in het najaar en zet zaaisel buiten. Kiem volgt in voorjaar en is langzaamen onregelmatig


Plant-instructies:Vochtige, humusrijke zon in (half)schaduw





An attractive, clump-forming perennial grown mainly for its stunning deep red, almost black foliage. During late summer, slender branched stems appear, bearing racemes of intriguingly scented whiteflowers. Ideal for semi-shaded borders.


Height:150 cm.

Flowers: sep-oct

Type: HP

Hardy in: zones5-9 (-15 Celsius)


Sowinginstructions: Seed may need pre-chilling for 3 months. Sow Mid January to MidMarch on the surface of lightly firmed, moist seed compost in pots or trays.Cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. After sowing, sealcontainer inside a polythene bag and leave at around 21C for 3 months. Then,place the container and bag into a refrigerator (not freezer) for a further 3months. Then, return to 21C. Germination can be slow. Examine containerregularly and carefully transplant individual seedlings when large enough tohandle into 7.5cm pots or trays. If germination has not occurred within thisperiod, then repeat the cycle as shown above


Plantinginstructions: moist, loamy soil in part shade