Anemonoides altaica (20)

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Hoogte: 70 cm.

Bloeit: apr-mei

Type: HP

Winterhard in: zones 3-8 (-25C)


Sterk op anemone lijkende plant, met witte bloemen en pluizige zaden.


Zaai-instructies: Zaai herfst, zet buiten. Kiem in lente, onregelmatig

Plant-instructies: Niet nat, zon/halfschaduw




Description: Plants bear a very strong ressemblance to “real” anemones. They have white flowers and fluffy seeds.


Height: 70 cm.

Flowers: may-june

Type: HP

Hardy in: zones 3-8(-25 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow from Feb to Jul just covering the seed with compost. Use good moist peat or coir based seed compost. Seal inside a polythene bag, keep at 13-18C for 1 week, then place in a refrigerator, at 3-5C. Inspect regularly while in the fridge and remove immediately if they start togerminate. After 6 weeks return to warmth. Germination usually takes 6 weeks to 3 months after this. Alternatively, sow in autumn and put outside.


Planting instructions: Soil must not be too wet. Sun or partial shade.