Althaea officinalis - Heemst (15)

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De plant heeft grijs viltig blad en 5 cm grote open (enkele) bloemen: wit of lichtroze. De wortel is geneeskrachtig werkzaam op het gebied van longen en ademhaling.

Hoogte: 150 cm.

Bloeit: jul-sep

Type: HP

Winterhard in: zones 3 tot 9 (-25 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 15-30 dagen bij 15-18 Celsius. In de herfst zaaien en in koude bak overwinteren kan ook.

Plant-instructies: Gewone tuingrond op een zoning plekje.



Soft grey foliage and stems with heart-shaped leaves, finely toothed and white or soft pink five-petalled flowers. Enjoys full sun and a damp situation, hence most likely the reason for its name of 'Marsh Mallow'. Wonderful back of border plant, flowering all through the summer months and an essential part of any cottage garden.

Height: 150cm.

Flowers: jul-sep

Type: HP

Hardy in: zones 3 tot 9 (-25 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow from late winter till mid summer. Will germinate in 15-30 days at 15-18 Celsius. Can also be sown in mid summer, overwintered in a cold frame and planted out in spring. This produces large plants.

Planting instructions: Plant into ordinary, well-drained soil in a sunny spot.