Fragaria vesca alba - Bosaardbei (15)

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De iets rankende planten geven een redelijke oogst van crèmekleurige, kleine vruchtjes. Prettig aroma, veilig voor vogels want die eten er niet van.

Hoogte: 15 cm.
Bloeit: jun-okt
Type: HP
Winterhard in: zones 4-9 (-20 Celsius)

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 21-30 dagen bij 15-21 Celsius.

Plant-instructies: Voedselrijke, goeddoorlatende grond in volle zon.


A woodland strawberry which produces an abundance of delicious, small, white fruits high on the plant making them easier to pick. This also reduces any disease or rotting as most fruits are above soil level. Ideal for growing in the garden, containers or baskets

Height: 15 cm.
Flowers: jun-oct
Type: HP
Hardy in: zones 4-9 (-20 Celsius)

Sowing instructions: Sow jan-apr. Sow seed on the surface of a good seed compost and lightly cover the seed with a sprinkling of vermiculite. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a polythene bag at a warm temperature of 15-21C until after germination which can be up to 21 days. Do not exclude light, as this helps germination.

Planting instructions: rich, well drained site in full sun