Brassica oleracea "Jersey Tree" - Mergkool (10-15)

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Hoogte: 250 cm.

Type: HB

Winterhard in: zones 5-10 (-15C)


Om de lengtegroei te stimuleren moeten van onder af de bladeren worden verwijderd (en gegeten).


Zaai-instructies : Kiem bij 18-23C, 1-2 wk

Plant-instructies : Voedzame grond, volle zon




Description: The walking stick cabbage, also known as tree kale, has been cultivated on the Isle of Jersey for centuries. This startling plant's thick stems are turned into walking sticks for tourists. They have even been grown into sturdy roofbeams for thatched island cottages, plus providing fine edible greens the whole time.


Height: 250 cm.

Type: HB

Hardy in: zones 5-10 (-15C)


Sowing instructions: Germinates at 18-23 Celsius, in 1-2 weeks


Planting instructions: Full sun is an advantage. Keep it well watered and well fed.