Brassica juncea " Wasabino" (20)

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Hoogte: 25 cm.

Type: HHA

Winterhard in: zones 5-10 (-15 C)


Scherpe specerij uit de Japanse keuken, die vaak gebruikt wordt bij sushi- en andere visgerechten. Smaak doet denken aan mierikswortel.


Zaai-instructies: Kiem bij 18-23C, 1-2 wk

Plant-instructies: Voldoende water/voeding. Halfschaduw




Description: The young leaves, which are light green and tender, are perfect for a fresh salad. If only Just by the slight horseradish-like sharpness, the salad keeps a fresh note. The tender young leaves can be harvested after about 21 days. The older mature leaves are best suited in an Asian wok pan. The leaves are then a little coarser and wrinkled. Quite cold resistant.


Height: 25 cm.

Type: HHA

Hardy in: zones 5-10 (-15 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow early in the greenhouse or during summer and autumn outside.

Planting instructions: You can harvest 5 weeks from sowing. Feed and water it well.