Eragrostis tef - Tef-graan (200)

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Hoogte: 100 cm.

Oogst: eind sept

Type: TA

Winterhard in: zones 8-10 (0 C)


Zeer oude graansoort, die ook geschikt is voor mensen met een glutenintolerantie. Verteert langzaam, dus geeft lang een vol gevoel. Fijn voor de afslankers, dus!


Zaai-instructies: Ter plekke, eind mei.

Plant-instructies: Voedselrijke grond, zon




Description: Teff is a super tiny seed, sweet-tasting and reddish-brown which cooks quickly in around 15 - 20 minutes. They can be used in a variety of dishes including porridge, stews, stuffing and soup. Teff flour also makes a fantastic base for bread and pancakes. Teff grain is naturally gluten-free, making it a great alternative for those on a gluten-free diet! It is also a good source of protein for vegetarians and can be used as a filler in lots of vegetarian recipes. Cooked teff grain can be combined with vegetables and spices to make delicious vegetarian burgers!


Height: 100 cm.

Harvest: sep

Type: TA

Hardy in: zones 8-10 (0 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: In situ, by the end of May


Planting instructions: Rich soil, full sun