Passiflora subpeltata (1-5)

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Hoogte: 200 cm.

Bloeit: jaarrond

Type: TP

Winterhard in: zones 10-11 (10C)


Klimmende kuipplant. Gewild vanwege de hagelwitte, middelgrote bloemen, die 2 dagen open staan. Groeit niet overdreven weelderig, dus geschikt voor potteelt in de kamer.


Zaai-instructies: Week 1 dag in yoghurt of citroensap. Kiem in 12-16 mnd, 20-25C.

Plant-instructies: Niet droog, zon/halfschaduw




Description: Found from Mexico to South America, this vine climbs by means of clinging tendrils and can be kept as an container plant. The long tendrils need lots of support for climbing. It may be grown as a houseplant in a sunny South-facing window. A vigorous and slender climber freely producing from April to November, beautiful white Passion Flowers tinged with green, each up to 7 cm. across. The fruits are green and not edible.


Height: 200 cm.

Flowers: all year

Type: TP

Hardy in: zones 10-11 (11 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow in trays, pots, etc of good seed compost in a propagator or warm place to maintain an optimum temperature of 20-5-20C. Soak seed in milk for 24 hours prior to sowing. Then sow immediately in trays, pots, etc. of good seed compost. Germination is slow. Seal the seed container after sowing in a polythene bag and place in a temperature of 21C for 3 months. Keep the compost moist but not over wet. If germination does not occur by the end of this time transfer to a fridge (not freezer) for 3-5 months. At the end of this period return to 21C (70F) when germination should occur in around 3 months

Planting instructions: Good seed compost, mixed with a little sand. On window sill or in greenhouse.