Moschosma riparia (5)

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Hoogte: 3 m.
Bloeit: feb-mrt
Type: TShr
Winterhard in: zones 9-11 (5C)

Kuipplant. Wolken van lila of witte bloempjes aan de uiteinden van de takken. Aromatische en medicinale plant.

Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 2-4 wk, 18-22C
Plant-instructies: Goeddoorlatende grond. Zon/halfschaduw.



Very bushy and dense aromatic shrub. It is slightly succulent and has an irregular branch pattern. The flowers range from white to lilac including some with pink flowers. The type of display which you will get depends on whether you have a male or female plant! Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants in spikes which differ in size and shape. The male flower spikes in profusion create more of the mist-effect than the female flowers which tend to be more compact. The flowers usually appear when the plants are bare and are carried in the top section of the branches. The name ibosa was derived from the Zulu word referring to the aromatic leaves - they use this plant medicinally.

Height: 3 m.
Flowers: feb-mrt
Type: TShr
Hardy in: zones 9-11 (5C)

Sowing instructions: Germinates in 2-4 weeks at 18-22 Celsius.

Planting instructions: light, well drained and well composted soil. Full sun or partial shade