Illicium verum - Steranijs (5)

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Hoogte : 8 m.
Bloeit : jaarrond
Type : TTr
Winterhard in : zones 8-11 (0 C)

Groenblijvende kuipplant. Witte, geurige bloemen. Na bevruchting (zelf doen!) stervormige vruchten die naar anijs ruiken en waarvan je thee kunt trekken.

Zaai-instructies : Keep zaden voorzichtig in. Week ze in lauw water. Houd temperatuur stabiel, rond 20C

Plant-instructies : Goeddoorlatende, lichtzure grond. Beschutte plek. Zon/halfschaduw



Star anise is an evergreen tree with white bark up to 60 feet tall. Its leaves are spear-shaped and up to 6 inches long with slightly hairy undersides. The flowers are pale yellow to pink or purple and are followed by star-shaped seedpods with boat-shaped points, each holding a shiny, brown seed. Can be used for teas.

Height : 8 m.
Flowers : all year
Type : TTr
Hardy in : zones 8-11 (0 Celsius)

Sowing instructions : Nick the seeds and soak them in warm water, the seed requires a temperature of about 20 Celsius to germinate.

Planting instructions : requires well-drained, slightly acidic soil and a sheltered, sunny or partially shaded site to thrive. Plants need plenty of water.