Coffea arabica - Koffie (2)

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Hoogte: 2 m.

Bloeit: mei-jun

Type: TShr

Winterhard in: zones 10-11 (10C)


Kamerplant. Na de witte bloemen vormen zich rode bessen (steenvruchten) die elk twee koffiebonen bevatten.


Zaai-instructies: 24 uur weken. Kiem in 6-7 wk; 27-29C

Plant-instructies: Rijke grond, licht maar niet in de zon.




Description: easy to grow indoors, makes a very attractive houseplant and if it likes you well enough, it will even rewards you with flowers and berries!


Height: 2 m.

Flowers: mei-jun

Type: TShr

Hardy in: zones 10-11 (10 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow indoors. Seeds may be soaked overnight prior to sowing but do not prolong soaking as seeds may rot. Surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Cover with 5-10mm soil. Ideal temp. 27-29°C. Prone to damping off. Germination takes 6-7 weeks. After germination reduce temp. to 24-27°C.