Callistemon pallidus - Lampenpoetser (10)

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Hoogte: 4 m.

Bloeit: mei-jun

Type: TShr.

Winterhard in: zones 9-11 (5C)


Kuipplant. Losse struik. De jonge scheuten zijn bedekt met zilverig of rossig dons. Geelwitte bloemen, 10 cm. lang, gevolgd door houtige zaadcapsules.


Zaai-instructies: kiem in 14-60 dgn, ca. 15C. Lichtkiemer.

Plant-instructies: Houdt niet van kalk. Droogtebestendig. Volle zon.





An erect or spreading evergreen shrub, with numerous slender branches. The young shoots are silvery or red and covered in silky hairs, Cream or pale yellow flowers, in semi-open bottlebrush spikes 10cm long, followed by woody fruit capsules which may persist for several years.


Height: 4 m.

Flowers: mei-jun

Type: Tshr.

Hardy in: zones 9-11 (5 Celsius)


Sowing instructions : seeds will usually germinate in 14-60 days. Sow Callistemon pachyphyllus red seeds on the surface of a Peaty seed sowing mix at about 15 Celsius


Planting instructions: No special requirements but hates chalk. Can handle some drought. In full sun.