Brachychiton discolor - Roze vlammenboom (1-5)

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Hoogte: 9 m.

Bloeit: jul-aug

Type: TTr

Winterhard in: zones 7-11 (-5C)


Bladverliezende kuipplant. Prachtige bloei en decoratieve zaaddozen vol gele zaden. Stam is licht gezwollen.


Zaai-instructies: Week in kokend water tot dit is afgekoeld. Kiem in 4-6 wk, 20-25C

Plant-instructies: Goeddoorlatende grond, volle zon.




Description: Sheds its leaves in Summer, so the magnificent deep pink and velvety flaring bell shaped flowers, held in clusters, produce a heart stopping show on bare branches for weeks. Seed pods are decorative, fuzzy and full of yellow seeds.


Height: 9 m.

Flowers: jul-aug

Type: TTr

Hardy in: zones 7-11 (-5 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: The seeds need to be pretreated to induce germination by pouring boiling water on them and allowing them to soak until water has cooleddown. Germinates in 4-6 weeks at 20-25 Celsius.


Planting instructions: Welldrained soil in full sun or partial shade.