Bowiea volubilis - Klim-ui (1-5)

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Hoogte: 100 cm.

Bloeit: jul-aug

Type: TBlb

Winterhard in: zones 10-11 (10 C)


Kamerplant. Een bol waaruit klimmende stengels met kleine blaadjes komen. Lichtgroene stervormige bloemetjes. Plant heeft weinig water nodig.


Zaai-instructies: Zaai in zanderige grond 18-22C.

Plant-instructies: Zoek op op internet

Waarschuwing: Delen plant zijn giftig.




A charming curiosity of the plant world. It is a South African sub-tropical bulb in the Liliaceae family. It can live underground but is much more interesting planted on top of the soil and grown as a succulent. They have adapted to drought and flood conditions, making them easy for anyone to grow. The green fleshy bulbs are long lived and slow growing. They can split and produce smaller bulbs. They do have a set of leaves for a short time early in life. A soft green twining stem shoots up from the center and will scamper up most anything. It's actually a flower stem!


Height: 100 cm.

Flowers: jul-aug

Type: TBlb

Hardy in: zones 10-11 (10 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow in sandy soil, 18-22 Celsius

Planting instructions: Search at the internet

Warning: parts of the plant are poisonous