Anomatheca laxa - Schijnfresia (10)

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Hoogte: 30 cm.

Bloeit: mei-jun

Type: HHBlb

Winterhard in: zones 6-10 (5C)


Knallend opvallend! Vanuit het irisachtige blad ontstaan dunne stengeltjes met briljante, stervormige, karmijnrode bloemetjes.


Zaai-instructies: Zaai in herfst, zet buiten. Kiem in lente

Plant-instructies: Niet nat, zon/halfschaduw





This delightful, small, and easy-to-grow South African iris relative makes a small clump of green, iris-like foliage, topped with small but brilliant scarlet-red flowers. For a small rock garden-sized plant, it puts on quite a show. The clump will go dormant in dry summers but returns in late winter.


Height: 30 cm.

Flowers: may-june

Type: HHBlb

Hardy in: zones 7-10 (-5 celsius)


Sowing instructions: sow in autumn and put outside. Will germinate in spring


Planting instructions: not wet, sun or partial shade