Afromum melegueta - Paradijszaad (10-15)

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Hoogte: 150 cm.

Bloeit: mei-jun

Type: TP

Winterhard in: zones 10-11 (10C)


Kuipplant. De zaden hebben een friszure, warme en pikante smaak. Veelvuldig gebruikt in de Marokkaanse keuken. Ook medicinaal toegepast.


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 30-50 wk, 20-22C. Lastige kiemer!

Plant-instructies: Zon, halfschaduw. Niet droog.




Description: This is the small, red-brown irregular seeds of a cardamom-like plant. Melegueta pepper may be used for culinary purposes and as a substitute for pepper in centres of local production. Its use is generally confined to West African cookery, though it may also find its way into Moroccan ras el hanout combinations. Some ancient European recipes may call for it, but pepper mixed with a little ginger may be substituted. Today in Scandinavia, the seeds are used to flavour akavit. They may be chewed to sweeten the breath.


Height: 150 cm.

Flowers: may-jun

Type: TP

Hardy in: zones 10-11 (10 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Germinates in 30-50 weeks, at 20-22 Celsius. This one is not easy to germinate, so please be patient!


Planting instructions: Sun, partial shade. Soil must remain moist.