Petunia exserta (15)

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Hoogte: 40 cm.

Bloeit: jul-nov

Type: TA-TP

Winterhard in: zones 8-11 (0 C)


Zeldzame, bossige plant overladen met bloemen. Bloeit al snel na het zaaien. Haal hem in de herfst naar binnen: daar bloeit hij gewoon door!


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 2-3 wk, 21-27C. Lichtkiemer

Plant-instructies: Veel water en voeding. Zon/halfschaduw




Description: Countless star-shaped lipstick-red flowers open over a very long season into late autumn on bushy, spreading plants. A new and very rare flower. When grown as a container plant in a sheltered spot, or even better in a conservatory, it will continue opening its buds right through the winter making a dazzling display.


Height: 40 cm.

Flowers: jul-nov

Type: TA-TP

Hardy in: zones 8-11 (0 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow late winter to mid spring at 21-27C on the surface of a good seed compost. Keep damp and not wet. Do not exclude light, sealing in a polythene bag after sowing is helpful. Germination usually takes 10-21 days.


Planting instructions: Feed and water regularly. Full sun or partial shade.