Papaver paeoniflorum "Scarlet Passion" (25)

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Hoogte: 60 cm.

Bloeit: jun-jul

Type: HA

Winterhard in: zones 3-9 (-25 C)



Zeldzaam mooie, dieprode, gevulde papaver. Om zó verliefd of te worden!



Zaai-instructies: Lichtkiemer. Kiemt in 14-21 dagen bij 15-20 C.

Plant-instructies: zoning, niet te nat

Waarschuwing: delen van de plant zijn giftig.




Exquisite, scarlet, superdouble poppy. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this one!



Height: 60 cm.

Flowers: jun-jul

Type: HA

Hardy in: zones 3-9 (-25 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow outdoors where they are to flower. Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Scatter the seed and rake in lightly


Planting instructions: They prefer a sunny open site but will grow in most sites and soils. For the longest flowering period and to prevent self seeding remove the seed pods as the petals fall


Warning: harmful if eaten.