Eccremocarpus scaber 'Tresco Cream' (10-15)

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Hoogte: 4 m.

Bloeit: jul-aug

Type: TP

Winterhard in: zones 8-10 (0C)


Onstuitbare klimmer met ontelbare buisvormige, roomwitte bloempjes. Overwintert bij zachte winters.


Zaai-instructies: Kiemt in 1-3 mnd, 10-15C.

Plant-instructies: Zon, halfschaduw




Description: A very easily grown evergreen climber, bearing spikes of attractive tubular flowers, each about 1 in. long, in profusion all summer. Although a perennial that will survive mild winters outdoors (with self-sown seedlings springing up everywhere), it is usually grown as a half-hardy annual. Sown early, or there will be no flowers for you!


Height: 4 m.

Flowers:j ul-aug

Type: TP

Hardy in: zones 8-10 (0 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Sow indoors in late winter-spring. Surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Just cover seed with a sprinkling of silver sand or soil. Place in a propagator. Ideal temp. 15°C. Germination takes 20-60 days approx. Even under ideal conditions germination can be erratic.


Planting instructions: Sun, partial shade.