Calceolaria mollissima - Pantoffelplantje (20+)

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Hoogte: 30 cm.

Bloeit: jun-aug

Type: TA

Winterhard in: zones 9-10-11 (5 Celsius)


Trosjes ietwat langwerpige pantoffeltjes aan stijve, vertakkende stengels. Bloeit lekker door!


Zaai-instructies: Kiem in 1-3 wk, 20-25 Celsius

Plant-instructies: Niet te droog, halfschaduw.





Crowds of somewhat elongated, yellow bubbly “pocketbook” flowers are held up on stiff, multi-branching stems from Summer to Fall


Height: 30 cm.

Flowers: jun-aug

Type: TA

Hardy in: zones 9-10-11 (5 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: will usually germinate in 14-21 days. Normally will only germinate with light. Sow on the surface of a peaty seed sowing mix at about 22°C.


Planting instructions: Not too dry soil. Partial shade.