Moraea alticola (5)

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Hoogte: 35 cm.

Bloeit: mei-jul

Type: HHP

Winterhard in: zones 7-10 (-5C)


Mooie, heldere, bleek zwavelgele, geurende bloemen in de vorm van een Iris, elke bloem met een donkerder "oog". Lang en smal, gewelfd blad met sierlijke, goudmazige bladscheden.



Zaai-instructies: Kiem in ca. 6 wk, 18-22C.

Plant-instructies: Zon, halfschaduw

Waarschuwing: delen van plant zijn giftig.




Lovely, clear, pale sulphur-yellow, scented flowers in the shape of an Iris, each flower with a darker “eye”. Long and narrow, arching foliage with ornamental, golden-meshed leaf sheaths.


Height: 35 cm.

Flowers: may-jul

Type: HHP

Hardy in: zones 7-10 (-5 Celsius)


Sowing instructions: Seeds may be sown at any time of the year onto a well-drained compost and covered very thinly indeed with compost or grit, leaving some of the seed showing as light may aid germination. Keep the pot moist at a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees C in a well-lit position. Seeds should germinate within 2 to 6 weeks but may take longer. Pot on into small pots before finally planting into a large pot, or outside in warmer countries.


Planting instructions: sun, partial shade


Warning: parts of plant are poisonous.